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The Wrong Side of the Door

This book contains six stories that deal with serious issues using amusing rhyme and music.

The Wrong Side
of the Door
A boy who turns nine
years old and spends his
whole ninth year
wishing he were
somewhere else.  
When it comes time to
 turn ten, he doesn't
want to because
he had no fun being nine!

"No Matter Where
You Go,
There You Are"
The Dream

Deals with the nay-sayers of
the world,
those people who are
always telling others
what can't be done.
It gives the readers positive
ways to deal with negativism.

"Catch a Dream"
  The Whiners      
    Tells the tale of Willie
and Wanda Whiner

(who live on Winding Way).
The siblings get lost in the
and come to the realization
that life is pretty good back home!

"I Can't Complain"
magician The Day The
Dog Talked

This story is about a young boy
named Albert,
wishes that his
 dog, Mike
could talk. The
results aren't quite what
Albert might have imagined.

 We should
be careful what we
 for because it might come true.

Those People

This story deals with prejudice.
 Although no one has actually
any of the people they don't like,
they profess to know all about them.
 Prejudice is often the result
 ignorance and that fact is

dealt within a humorous
 fashion in this poem.

"Everybody's Different"
(and alike)

Silly Billy

He doesn't know when to be
whether at home or
 school, and is finally sentenced
 to Sillyville.
He finds it's
 not a place where
he'd like to stay because
one cares about anything
 but being silly.  It's a
 lesson in
appropriate behavior.

A tune from our first book,
"Poetry with a Porpoise",

"The Silly Song"